New Braunfels / Comal County Housing Statistics

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In 2020, the normal seasonal pattern for home sales was thrown off by the arrival of the coronavirus. The shelter-at-home orders and other measures that were rolled out to stop the spread of the virus contributed to a housing universe we've never seen.

3rd QTR October 2020

The measures were implemented just before what’s normally the best time of year for sellers to list a home for sale. The housing inventory never fully made up the gap as buyers returned before the sellers did. This uneven return of buyers and sellers created a housing market frenzy that pushed the number of sales to decade highs while the time on the market dropped to new lows. This trend persisted well into the fall, a time when normal seasonal trends typically favor home buyers over sellers, thus buyers hoping for the usual break in 2020 have likely been disappointed.

Understanding the history will be key to evaluating the data as it comes in for 2021 as many expect the housing market to settle into a much more normal pattern than the wild swings we saw in 2020. Year over year trends will need to be understood in the context of the unusual 2020 base year. I’ll report more as I analyze the data. For now, I’ve enclosed some of the data from the 3rd Quarter 2020 from October.

Median Home Price – New Braunfels $271,000  

  • Up 10.6% from this time in 2019

Median Home Price – Comal County $340,000 

  • Also up 10% since Oct 2019

Median Home Price – Texas


  • Up 12% since Oct 2019

Price Distribution – NB / Comal County

$200k – $299k60.5% 32.1%
$300k – $399k23.4% 21.4%
$400k – $499k  8.4% 15.9%
$500k – $749k  1.8%  18.7%
$750k – $999k  0.0%4.4%
$1M+  1.2%   .6%

Active Listings – NB

  • Down to 29.8%  in October (379)

Active Listings – Comal County

  • Down to 35.8%  in October (778)

Average Days on Market

  • 48 New Braunfels  
  • 62 Comal County

Average Days to Close 

  • 37 New Braunfels 
  • 41 Comal County

Months of current inventory

NB / Comal County

*2.2 mos.

  • Compared to 2.7  /  3.9  in Oct 2019

*Indicating a Sellers Market