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Many people enter the field of real estate to be their own boss, make their own time, and create their own financial freedom. There is a lot of “me, me, me” in all of it.  While it is good to understand oneself, many real estate agents place little importance on their personal accountability and own integrity.  Tori believes these qualities are key to a successful life and business, no matter what one does for a living.

Often times, real estate agents put off their commitment to learning in exchange for a superficial image and a falsehood about what they actually know. Often times, they end up leading a client down a rather disingenuous, dangerous, and potentially money-losing path. 

Tori’s wide array of experiences have developed skills that give her the ability to forge her own unique and distinctive path. You won’t find Tori being comfortable with the status quo. Her ability to adapt and always willing to accept change has been a key factor in her unique personal and professional growth.  Tori has an understanding that growth can and will almost always be uncomfortable.  But that’s expected from Tori.  She is equipped to handle new challenges by learning and striving for more.  Most importantly, she understands the value of being flexible while still being determined.  If something isn’t working, Tori doesn’t give up.  Instead, she pursues different tactics until something acceptable works.  This is key to any negotiation in business and in life. 

Clear Objectives

Tori believes that the relationship with her client is clear. It’s always honest and supportive from beginning to end. It involves consistent learning and personal responsibility.  Her goal isn’t to achieve the most money for herself or make the process about her, but rather about achieving the best outcome for her clients.  Tori continually strives to ensure that every experience is handled meticulously with efficiency and integrity. 

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Tori managed her family’s property management company in her early 20’s in Flagstaff Arizona. There she handled over 300 individually owned properties ranging from long term rentals to nightly vacation properties. Later, she sold real estate in Las Vegas.

After taking a break from her initial real estate career, Tori opened her own restaurant & then operated her own catering company.  She went on to have a 15+ year career as a Professional Chef in some of our country’s most highly acclaimed and awarded restaurants.  In 2013, Tori was featured on Food Networks Guy’s Grocery Games and Cutthroat Kitchen! Tori is no stranger to hard work or to overcoming tremendous obstacles. She truly understands the value of working efficiently and getting the job done.

Tori is also a nutritionist and owned her own practice incorporating personal fitness and counseling.  After COVID-19, she realized that she wanted to return to real estate and continue to pursue the bigger dream of helping people with one of the most important decisions in their lives; finding the place they could call home and supporting their most important life and financial decisions.

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
Embrace what does not come naturally. Only then will you stop limiting yourself.
Learn to become comfortable with failures as they are opportunities disguised as growth and lead to the path of success.
Live with integrity, belief in one's self, and have the courage to face life with honesty and openness.